Why you’ll love Rice Bowls

We don’t make a practice of telling people what they should do. But… you should try Rice Bowls. Why, you might ask? Well, Rice Bowls magically* turns pocket change into food for orphaned children around the world. And everyone likes magic, right? Especially kids. Ideas like giving, service, and philanthropy are intangible concepts, making them difficult for kids (and some adults…) to grasp and value. Rice Bowls is an easy, tangible way to bring these intangible concepts to life — and have fun to boot. Plus, you’re helping our Christian orphanages rescue, love, educate, and feed children at the same time.

*ok, it’s not magic, but its just as fun.

Why we love Rice Bowls

Ummm, have you seen the pictures of the happy kids on this site? Not everybody gets to experience the joy that comes in feeding a child in the name of Christ. We get to know these amazing children, see their passions, and watch them grow. They’re loved. And their lives are dramatically changed. At Rice Bowls we believe that every child has four basic necessities: Provision, Protection, Affection, and Instruction. We feel privileged to be partners with orphanages that are taking care of all four and the truth is, we’re hooked. How could we not be?

What fuels our fire?

Each week we hear stories of go-getters like Emmaline Jantz (age 7) who gave up her doll savings to help feed children who “need it more than me”. We talk to our orphanage partners who risk their lives (literally) to protect their children and who know exactly what living a life to the fullest means. Then there are those amazing accounts of our children, working hard to become leaders and shining lights in their communities. It’s not hard to wake up every morning, raring to go, when you’ve got inspiration like that.

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At just two years old, Nithin settled into his new life at El Shadai Children’s Home in Chennai, India. His mother, affected by HIV, had heard of this caring home through a local Christian social worker. Her desire for Nithin to be loved and taken away from the horrific abuse at the hands of his father led her to El Shadai. Shortly after bringing Nithin to live here, she passed away.  read more ›

How easy is it? 7 steps — that’s all