• Dodd Caldwell


    If you’re around him for more than a minute, you’ll know that Dodd “LOVES” Rice Bowls. Not necessarily the plastic object, but the people he works with, the children he helps, and the orphanage directors he serves. He counts it a privilege to lead the Rice Bowls team state-side and to work with Rice Bowls’ orphanage partners overseas. His vision is to see each one of our children loved, led, instructed, protected, and provided for. And his hope is that one day these amazing little ones will become Christ-like leaders where they live. He sees children as the world’s greatest natural resource and loves the time he gets to spend with them.

  • Mary Williams

    Communications Coordinator

    Mary’s morning mantra – “Don’t waste your life.” It’s not just a book title for her; Mary seeks to live it out by leaving those around her better off than when she found them. That’s good news whether you’re a teacher searching for Rice Bowls lesson plans, a children’s pastor wanting your order shipped ASAP, or even a worn-out fast food worker craving a smile. Whatever the need, you can bet that Mary’s going to try to fill it with a grateful attitude. Inspired by all that God’s done for her, she aims to have a lasting impact on everyone around her, orphaned children included.

  • John Ramantanin

    Director of Operations

    How does a guy who’s passions include list making, red Sharpie markers, and financial reports end up playing duck-duck-goose with orphaned children in a rural Filipino village? He joins Rice Bowls as Director of Operations of course. While John’s organizational skills can’t be denied, he’s anything but a run of the mill business-guy. John’s heart yearns to serve the servants. And the servants that most inspire him are our partner orphanage directors who abandon everything to endure the incredible stress of running a children’s home. If he can make life a little easier for these heroes, he knows that he’s fulfilling God’s call for his life – providing for children that can’t provide for themselves.

  • Bryan Martin

    Director of Design and Branding

    Muppets, magic and animation. Bryan’s curious fondness for all three sheds a little light into the inner-workings of his mind as he crafts the Rice Bowls experience. Bryan loves to make fun stuff. And he figures while he’s at it, why not make it meaningful. With his eyes on the intersection of art, entertainment, and children’s education, Bryan’s passion is engineering an experience that’s not just warm and light-hearted but also significant. Bryan believes Rice Bowls is about more than just food - it’s about helping children in the US and in our partner orphanages become who God made them to be.

  • Sajina Sarathy

    India Coordinator

    Sajina’s favorite verse in the Bible reads, “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap.” Not many of us literally carry this out on a day-to-day basis. Sajina probably did it yesterday. Sajina doesn’t wish street children could find homes; he seeks them out in the alleyways of Bangalore. He doesn’t spot-check our kids’ nutrition; he dines with them. He doesn’t hope they’re learning; he visits their teachers. One day he’s writing orphanage reports and the next he’s on the cricket pitch encouraging our kids. Though he’s got a lot of day-to-day responsibilities coordinating our operations in India, Sajina never lets the paperwork get in the way of his passion for displaying Jesus’ love to orphaned children.

Board of Directors

  • • Dodd Caldwell

  • • Bob Caldwell Sr.

  • • Will Bouton

  • • Josh Henderson

  • • Michael N. Swaim