• Rice Bowls Video

    a short promo about Rice Bowls.

    Image for Rice Bowls Video
  • One Fine Tuesday

    Use the “Download” button on our Vimeo page to download our whimsical 3-minute film we’ve made to retell a story from one of our partner children’s homes.

    Image for One Fine Tuesday
  • Fill Bowl. Fight Hunger”

    17”x11” Poster

    Here’s a poster that you can stick up everywhere. And it pretty much shows how this all works. Fill the bowl. Feed orphaned children around the world. Feel free to write your campaign collection date on it as a reminder to your group.

    Image for "Fill Bowl. Fight Hunger"
  • One full bowl” 11”x17” poster

    Here’s a ready to print poster that will help your group keep their eye on the prize. And in our opinion, there are few things more rewarding than helping these amazing kids!

    Image for "One full bowl" 11"x17" poster
  • Let’s Make Some Change”

    17”x11” Poster

    Shoot a photo of your group with this poster and send it back to us. We’d love to tell your story and show your group on our Rice Bowls Facebook page!

    Image for "Let’s Make Some Change"
  • Happy Meal online banner

    Have a website and wanna Rice Bowls’ banner ad? Here’s one for ya. We think the happiest meals are the ones we give away! Give Rice Bowls a try and let us know if you agree!

    It’s dimensions: 300 x 250 px

    Image for Happy Meal online banner
  • Reminder

    Use this graphic to remind your group to “bring back the bowl”, every bowl counts!

    Image for Reminder
  • Magic” 11”x17” poster

    OK, the bowls might not be magic but they’re just as fun. Fill ‘em up and feed orphaned children. How fun is that! And here’s an 11”x17” poster you can print on your color laser!

    Image for "Magic" 11"x17" poster
  • Rugged Logo

    Need a rough and ready Rice Bowls logo to help promote your campaign? Here’s a .png file that is ideal for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. Right click on the download button and save.

    Image for Rugged Logo
  • 2 Color Logo

    Need a 2 color logo on a transparent background to help promote your campaign? Right click the download button and save. (note: the white in this logo will not show up until place over a colored background or photo)

    Image for 2 Color Logo
  • Rice Bowls Burlap Logo

    On screen logo for whatever…

    Image for Rice Bowls Burlap Logo
  • 1 color Logo

    Need a 1 color logo on a transparent background to help promote your campaign? Right click the download button and save.

    Image for 1 color  Logo
  • Social media pic

    Share us with your sphere of influence!

    Image for Social media pic
  • The cartoon

    a cartoon everyone can relate to

    Image for The cartoon