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Angel grew up an orphan himself, a street child in Manila. After a life of violence he found himself shot by police and paralyzed from the waist down serving time in prison. God rescued him there. Now, with Lisa - his wife of 25 years, they care for 6 children in their home and another 78 at two nearby children’s homes. Both Angel and Lisa know what it means to have your life turned around and to be given a chance. They serve diligently to ensure the children God has placed with them and near them have the same opportunity to escape the grips of poverty and to be servant-leaders.

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At just two years old, Nithin settled into his new life at El Shadai Children’s Home in Chennai, India. His mother, affected by HIV, had heard of this caring home through a local Christian social worker. Her desire for Nithin to be loved and taken away from the horrific abuse at the hands of his father led her to El Shadai. Shortly after bringing Nithin to live here, she passed away.  read more ›

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