Get to Know Angel & Lisa

Angel grew up an orphan himself, a street child in Manila. After a life of violence he found himself shot by police and paralyzed from the waist down serving time in prison. God rescued him there. Now, with Lisa - his wife of 25 years, they care for 6 children in their home and another 78 at two nearby children’s homes. Both Angel and Lisa know what it means to have your life turned around and to be given a chance. They serve diligently to ensure the children God has placed with them and near them have the same opportunity to escape the grips of poverty and to be servant-leaders.

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This little ray of sunshine is Fatima, a spunky 8-year-old little girl who has found a life of love and care at the Good Shepherd’s Children’s Home in Honduras. Fatima’s story is like that of many of the poor children in Honduras: a story of poverty, neglect, and abandonment. read more ›

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