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Rice Bowls

We’re committed to providing healthy meals to awesome children, not only keeping them from desperate situations but allowing them to flourish... and climb trees.

Rice Bowls

Fried plantains are a crowd favorite with our kiddos in Honduras. The tias will often prepare as many as 300 plantains in a single day!

Making "Lazaro" in El Zamorano, Honduras

Rice Bowls

So, what did it take to make “Lazaro”? Plenty of tortillas, hot sauce, and an enormous amount of help from the staff at Good Shepherd Children’s Home. We shot at over 17 locations - from the home itself, the barrios of Tegucigalpa, pig-pens, garbage dumps, and horse ranches. Here are a few pics.

58 Partner Homes in 9 Countries

Rice Bowls is a nonprofit dedicated to orphan care. We partner with 58 children’s homes in 9 different countries and provide 100% of their food budget. By taking care of this financial burden, we help those who run these orphanages to focus on what matters most - loving the children in their care.

In our short film, “Lazaro,” you’ll see the true story of one boy's journey from street kid to cowboy, starring the children and staff of Rice Bowls' partner home, GSCH.

Rice Bowls