How easy is Rice Bowls?

Pretty simple, really. Tell us how many bowls you need (they’re free!) and when you want them. We’ll ship you the bowls for the date you specify. Then you do the following:

  1. Give the bowls out to your group.
  2. Announce a gathering date. (4-6 weeks after start date)
  3. Inspire everyone to fill their bowls.
  4. Collect the bowls on the gathering date.
  5. Break ’em open and add everything up.
  6. Submit funds here or send a check with the return slip.
How easy is Rice Bowls?
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At just two years old, Nithin settled into his new life at El Shadai Children’s Home in Chennai, India. His mother, affected by HIV, had heard of this caring home through a local Christian social worker. Her desire for Nithin to be loved and taken away from the horrific abuse at the hands of his father led her to El Shadai. Shortly after bringing Nithin to live here, she passed away.  read more ›