How easy is Rice Bowls?

Pretty simple, really. Tell us how many bowls you need (they’re free!) and when you want them. We’ll ship you the bowls for the date you specify. Then you do the following:

  1. Give the bowls out to your group.
  2. Announce a gathering date. (4-6 weeks after start date)
  3. Inspire everyone to fill their bowls.
  4. Collect the bowls on the gathering date.
  5. Break ’em open and add everything up.
  6. Submit funds here or send a check with the return slip.
How easy is Rice Bowls?
Order ’em!

This little ray of sunshine is Fatima, a spunky 8-year-old little girl who has found a life of love and care at the Good Shepherd’s Children’s Home in Honduras. Fatima’s story is like that of many of the poor children in Honduras: a story of poverty, neglect, and abandonment. read more ›