At just two years old, Nithin settled into his new life at El Shadai Children’s Home in Chennai, India. His mother, affected by HIV, had heard of this caring home through a local Christian social worker. Her desire for Nithin to be loved and taken away from the horrific abuse at the hands of his father led her to El Shadai. Shortly after bringing Nithin to live here, she passed away. Along with his ”band of brothers,” (five little boys close in age) he loves to play soccer, jump rope, and laugh – a lot. His big smile is seen wherever he goes and helps him wiggle out of some of the mischief the “band of brothers” often find themselves in. Nithin may not be a big guy, but his appetite proves that he’s one growing boy! And Rice Bowls is more than happy to make sure that appetite is satisfied.

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Marta grew up in her beloved Ethiopia. Her childhood memories include riding a mule and having parents who wanted for her the best - an education. At fifteen she was married, and graduated at the top of her class at eight months pregnant. As a young lady she made a lasting impression on the King and his wife. read more ›

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