This little ray of sunshine is Fatima, a spunky 8-year-old little girl who has found a life of love and care at the Good Shepherd’s Children’s Home in Honduras. Fatima’s story is like that of many of the poor children in Honduras: a story of poverty, neglect, and abandonment.

GSCH is the only home that Fatima has known as she came to live there when she was a tiny two year old. Abandoned by her husband, Fatima’s mother was no longer able to provide for both of them. Places like GSCH provide relief for struggling parents like Fatima’s mother, and a place of security and joy in which orphans can experience the happy childhood that many of us take for granted.

Fatima is a playful, talkative, spitfire of a girl who has strong opinions and knows how to voice them. GSCH is a safe place in the Honduras for a spirited girl like Fatima to learn how to grow to be a strong Honduran woman.

When the teachers and caregivers at GSCH don’t have to worry about providing food for the 150+ children in their care, they can spend more time playing, loving, and teaching them what they need to know; things like kindness, compassion, justice, and faith. Rice Bowls is a way to fill more than hungry bellies. When you partner with us, whether through buying a Rice Bowls t-shirt or donating a monetary gift, you become part of a work in which you can believe, a work that changes hearts and teaches minds. It’s as easy as that, so what’s stopping you?

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Marta grew up in her beloved Ethiopia. Her childhood memories include riding a mule and having parents who wanted for her the best - an education. At fifteen she was married, and graduated at the top of her class at eight months pregnant. As a young lady she made a lasting impression on the King and his wife. read more ›

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