The Sunshine Girls

Every once an a while we’ll get a story emailed to us like this. And we’re immediately touched and inspired! It seems its often the little ones who just “get it” then go out and do some type of inspiring initiative. Here’s such a story as sent to us in an email. (Thanks Sunshine Girls!)

Our church hosted VBS and challenged the kids to “make a difference” by taking home rice bowls and filling them for hungry orphans. The 200 kids listening took the challenge very seriously, but one 6-year-old in particular took this challenge to heart. Her name is Lexi. The moment she got home from VBS, she took out her rice bowl and emptied her tooth fairy money into it. That wasn’t enough, so her parents said Lexi and her 4-year-old sister could do a cookie sale. The first day was aweful, and Lexi felt so disappointed that she didn’t raise enough money for the orphans, so her parents said they could try it the next day. Lexi and her sister ended up selling cookies for over 2 weeks and raised over $45. Lexi is making a difference.”

This btw…is about 180 meals. You guys rock!

Order ’em!

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