Making Ripples

Making Ripples….

Like throwing a pebble in a pond, seventeen year old Mari Caroline is making ripples. She took on Rice Bowls for her senior project at Oakbrook Preparatory School. With missions and orphans in mind, she decided to get the entire school involved. Mari Caroline’s enthusiasm and passion for orphans had her classmates, teachers, and especially 1st through 5th graders ready to make a difference and fill some bowls! She prepared posters, hand-outs, organized chapel speakers, and made sure that every student went home with a bowl in the Fall. For the finale, she decorated hand-made large bowls to look like the original rice bowls for every homeroom this Spring. Mari Caroline’s pebble is having a huge ripple effect ~ providing over 15,490 meals for orphaned children.

UPDATE: This summer, over 2 years later, Mari Caroline is helping lead one of our team trip’s to India.

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Marta grew up in her beloved Ethiopia. Her childhood memories include riding a mule and having parents who wanted for her the best - an education. At fifteen she was married, and graduated at the top of her class at eight months pregnant. As a young lady she made a lasting impression on the King and his wife. read more ›

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