The Sunshine Girls

Every once an a while we'll get a story emailed to us like this. And we're immediately touched and inspired! It seems its often the little ones who just “get it” then go out and do some type of inspiring initiative. Here's such a story as sent to us in an email. (Thanks Sunshine Girls!)  full story ›

Little Leader

Emmy was excited to fill the rice bowl that her parents brought home when they explained that her change could feed others. With enthusiasm she took on feeding orphans around the world, filling the bowl with money from her own piggy bank. Just a few weeks later, full story ›

Making Ripples

Making Ripples….

Like throwing a pebble in a pond, seventeen year old Mari Caroline is making ripples. She took on Rice Bowls for her senior project at Oakbrook Preparatory School. With missions and orphans in mind, she decided to get the entire school involved. full story ›

Order ’em!

Angel grew up an orphan himself, a street child in Manila. read more ›

How easy is it? 7 steps — that’s all