• FAQs

    • How do we open the bowls?

      Break ‘em! They crack open pretty easily. So, feel free to get creative. Then toss the broken bowls in the nearest recycle bin! If you use a hammer or smash them open, go easy, use caution and safety glasses! Check out our Facebook for several smashing videos!

    • Why don't you feed kids here in the US?

      It’s terrible when any child goes hungry, regardless of their location. We recognize that there are many children that struggle in the US. However, in the US impoverished children do have access to local food pantries, church programs, food banks, free lunches and breakfasts at schools, and other resources. Unfortunately, orphaned children in developing countries don’t have access to any of those established resources. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on developing countries since there are already so many focusing on the US.

    • Do you host trips?

      Yes, as a matter of fact, in 2016, we’ll be taking three trips….Honduras, India & Haiti - Limited to 10 people on each team, so sign up early! Here are the details: Go Give Yum Trips

    • Where can I get some ideas and help?

      Download promotional items such as posters, logos and banners in our resource section or check out our helpful campaign guide Need ideas? Set up a phone meeting with one of our staff to talk over some specific ideas for your campaign, hear about some success stories and craft a plan that will meet the needs of your group.

    • How do you qualify new orphanage partners?

      We have an extensive qualification process. We do site visits and keep in constant contact with each partner for updates on the children and to monitor financial integrity.

    • Can I get just one bowl?

      If you need a sample bowl to show your co-workers or to do a family project, just ask and we’ll send one right out.

    • How many bowls can I order?

      We can ship 10, 20, 50 and anything above (in multiples of 50). If you need to order more than 2,000, please give us a call

    • How much money will fit in a bowl?

      A full bowl can hold about $30. Put more silver & green in!

    • How many children do you feed?

      Over 1775 amazing kids! That’s over 1.9 Million Meals a year.

    • Do we need to return the bowls to Rice Bowls?

      Nope, when you’re done, crack ‘em open, collect the change, count it and send Rice Bowls a check or submit online.

    • Where can I learn more about Rice Bowls' financials?

      The SC Division of Public Charities

    • Can we use Rice Bowls to raise money for our fund raiser?

      No. Rice Bowls are to be used to collect funds for orphaned children in the Rice Bowls’ network of partner orphanages.

    • How many orphanages do you partner with?

      We currently work with 56 orphanage partners in 8 different countries.

    • We've collected the Rice Bowls money. Where do we send our check?

      contact information

    • Do you send actual food?

      No. We provide their food budget so they can buy fresh food locally and support their own community.

    • Are Rice Bowls recyclable?

      Yes. Rice bowls are made of polypropylene. They are totally recyclable.

    • Where can I get one of those cool shirts to wear?

      Shop here of course.