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We want you to meet Nelson, a 12-year-old boy with a sweet smile and even sweeter personality. And no, he’s not winking at you. This photo of Nelson was taken when he was still sporting a drooping eye that his stepfather gave to him a few years ago.

Nelson has endured tragedies that we can barely fathom. Severely abused by his stepfather and consistently forced to go without food, Nelson is one of the orphaned children at Good Shepherd Children’s Home in the Honduras who was rescued and given safety along with medical care, food and the healing power of love.

Children are resilient, and the caregivers at GSCH bank on it. Often, even after being subjected to abuse, it doesn’t really take much to coax a toothy smile, to engage a child enough to make him laugh a deep, fruity, laugh. Do you know what it takes? Love. Mercy. Empathy. Sincerity.

Some wounds take years of love and hard-working people who prove that they will be faithful, no matter what. Some, like Nelson’s eye, are healed through surgery. Others are healed with a good meal and time spent with someone who really cares. Partnering with Rice Bowls through monthly support or one-time gifts, is a way to reach out and become a someone who really cares and an easy way to provide a good meal that has the potential to turn even the most deserved frown upside down.

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