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This little guy is Christian, a fighter wonder-boy at the Good Shepherd Children’s Home in Honduras. Born tiny and sick to his young mother, the odds of Christian surviving a life of poverty were slim. With a mother unable to care for him, Christian’s first months were spent with extended family. Hungry themselves, Christian’s family were working hard to live and certainly weren’t planning his first-birthday cupcake, reading board books to him, or telling him that they love him to the moon and back. In fact, little Christian spent his first birthday in a hospital, fighting for breath and life and every birthday yet to come.

But at GSCH, Christian is growing little by little, receives proper medical care, a good education, and is fed food for his body and his spirit. He is still small for his age and gets sick easily, but he hasn’t forgotten what he learned as a five-pound newborn: how to fight and how to be strong.

At Rice Bowls we’re excited to see what the future holds for someone who has beat the odds, has learned to how to make it through a terrible situation and to come out on the other side with a smile. Stories like Christian’s remind us that God has a plan for even the least of these, and we like that kind of reminder.

Partnering with Rice Bowls by supporting Christian and the other kids at GSCH is a way to see first-hand the strength of the human spirit, the power of compassionate, loving people, and the hope of the Gospel. Children like Christian need to see this, and so do people like you and me. What are you waiting for?

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