Our Calling

God loves orphaned children. Period. So, we love them too. And, we want to serve them with everything we've got.

At Rice Bowls, we believe:

God has called us to care for orphaned and unprotected children.

Every child has four basic necessities: provision, protection, instruction, and affection.

Awesome, loving, faith-based children's homes can be a great place for orphaned children to receive these four basic necessities.

Providing healthy food is a beginning step to see an orphaned child's life changed.

Covering an orphanage's food costs allows orphanage directors to better focus on nurturing, protecting, instructing, and loving the children in their care.

Teaching biblical truths, moral virtues, and leadership skills to orphaned children has the potential to change lives, communities, and nations.

It's really cool to be a small part of something big God is doing.

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These beautiful brown eyes have witnessed things no child should ever see. Just two years ago she watched as her father set her mother on fire. With her younger sister huddled closely next to her, Gaythari sat in her village hut for two days next to her mother’s body. Finally a neighbor found them. Now her eyes reflect the joy of being restored through the dependable love and care provided in the home of one of our orphanage partners in Chennai, India. Gaythari's and her sister’s somber heartaches have faded. read more ›

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