We Are Here

Thanks to you, orphaned children in these locations receive food and care from Rice Bowls and their Christian orphanage partners.


  • El Shadai
  • Rehoboth
  • Hope Point
  • Violet’s Children Home
  • Living Hope (2 homes)
  • Bethesda
  • Happy Home
  • Little Samuels
  • Precious Children
  • Bethel Children’s Home
  • Helping Hands
  • Blessing Hands
  • Alfa Home
  • Maben
  • Agape Care
  • Christ-Like Children’s Home
  • Premayla
  • Maria
  • Reaching Hands
  • Rakshana
  • Shalom BLR
  • Rehobeth Bellary
  • Cross Ministries (2 homes)
  • Greenfield School and Orphanage
  • Asha Kiran
  • Shalem Gospel
  • Grace Bellary

Every 15 seconds a child is orphaned due to AIDS alone in Africa. It is no wonder that this region of our world has been coined the continent of orphans. Our partner orphanages are rescuing children, giving them a chance at life — abundant life at that. They are sharing the love of Jesus as they meet their physical and emotional needs. We get to be a part of this incredible transformation through providing for them physically with food. Working together we can coin this region, the continent of hope!

South Africa

  • Baby Haven
  • Child Haven
  • Ithemba (4 homes)
  • Joining Hands (4 homes)
  • Village of Hope
  • Adler Haven


  • New Hope Home


  • Project Mercy


  • Gethsemane

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living in poverty — that was before the earthquake of 2010. Today that percentage is greater, with many children suffering the residual affects. We are thankful to be making real change with your change!


  • Mercy Village
  • Restavek Freedom

It’s been said that “malnutrition is the lack of opportunities.” This is the reality for one out three children under the age of five in Honduras and Nicaragua. Child malnutrition is prevalent in Central America just as it is in many of the other countries we’re involved in. Through our partner orphanages, we are happy to be handing back opportunities one bowl of rice at a time!


  • New Life


  • Good Shepherd